Riding the world’s steepest Cogwheel in Switzerland at mount Pilatus

Mount Pilatus is a mountain massif overlooking Lucerne in Central Switzerland. A must visit during winters too, when it snows. 


Outdoor Odyssey; getting back to nature at Bhandardara

It was one of those nights with the sky brightly lit with twinkling white dots everywhere. And then an “Ooooh” moment when I saw shooting stars racing across the sky.

Wondered why Rome is called ‘The Eternal City’?

It is said, that the Roman believed that no matter what happened across the world and no matter how many empires came and collapsed; Rome would go on forever and survive. And having survived decades, Rome is today one of the most vibrant cities and a leading tourist destination in Europe.

Greyurs, a picture-perfect charming medieval town in Switzerland.

French manicured château gardens, buildings with medieval architecture, the Royal Castle, demonstration of the art of fine cheese-making and the delicious fondue, and to top it off, some of the most breathtaking views in Switzerland. Visit Greyurs with me.

The sights and tastes of Florence, Italy

The cradle of the Renaissance, home to art & artists; Florentia as they call it is an energetic city filled with churches, monuments, and buildings displaying the best in architecture. You don’t have to visit a museum to experience amazing art in Florence, it’s all over the city. Travel: We bid farewell to Lucerne & continued…

London Calling!

London is a city that makes us dream. Whether it’s about being a wizard in the world of Harry Potter or eating Fish & Chips, meeting the royalty or drinking Irish Scotch, London is always a well-deserved break

Verdant forest of Satpura

Extremely rugged hills, narrow water filled gorges, deep ravines, dense Sal forest, and the Denwa river bordering the park gives a stunning jungle treat for wildlife lovers.