Pompeii, the immortal wonderland in Italy.

A city engulfed in the shadow of a Volcano. Read about the city of Pompeii excavated from ruins years after being buried under ash clouds.


Greyurs, a picture-perfect charming medieval town in Switzerland.

French manicured château gardens, buildings with medieval architecture, the Royal Castle, demonstration of the art of fine cheese-making and the delicious fondue, and to top it off, some of the most breathtaking views in Switzerland. Visit Greyurs with me.

The sights and tastes of Florence, Italy

The cradle of the Renaissance, home to art & artists; Florentia as they call it is an energetic city filled with churches, monuments, and buildings displaying the best in architecture. You don’t have to visit a museum to experience amazing art in Florence, it’s all over the city. Travel: We bid farewell to Lucerne & continued…